Register HERE for the panel session where key global players from the design agency, brand, equipment manufacturer, packaging converter, and retail sector will convene to explore the revolutionary realm of inkjet printing in packaging. 

In this dynamic panel discussion, we will unravel the driving forces propelling the inkjet revolution forward, examining:

  • How inkjet technology is reshaping the landscape of digital print
  • How it is accelerating production timelines
  • How it is unlocking a range of benefits, including sustainability aspects 



➡️ Frazer Chesterman from FuturePrint
➡️ Stefan Casey from Nestlé
➡️ Kerry Sanders from EFI
➡️ Oliver Baar from Koenig & Bauer
➡️ Johannes Pieger from Schumacher Packaging
➡️ Jonathan Sands OBE from the design agency
➡️ Nick Jones from Cabot
➡️ Ian S., Retail Packaging Expert

Cabot Corporation is a leader in aqueous inkjet pigment dispersions with over 25 years of excellence in design, manufacturing and global supply of inkjet colorants. Our dispersion solutions for Digital Printing on Corrugated Packaging adhere to regulatory standards, offer a consistent vivid color with a wide color gamut and enable fast drying of inks, providing sustainability and total-cost of ownership benefits across the value chain.

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